WordWorks Literacy Centre – Structured Word Inquiry (“scientific word investigation”), SWI.

Peter Bowers’ website is a remarkable resource for teaching yourself and your students how meaning and spelling relate.

Develop routines, and strategies to use “the principles of scientific inquiry as the basis of word level literacy instruction.”


The following are the standard four questions used to guide SWI investigations.

Investigate with these 4 questions…

  1. What does the word mean?

2. How is it built? 

Can you identify any bases or affixes with a word sum?

3. What other related words can you think of? 

Morphological relations: Can the Word Searcher help you find words that could join your word on a matrix?

Etymological relations: Can a word origin dictionary (e.g. Etymonline) help you?

4. What are the sounds that matter? 

What grapheme/phoneme correspondences can you find that fit within your hypothesized morphemes?

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