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WordWorks Literacy Centre – Structured Word Inquiry (“scientific word investigation”), SWI.

Peter Bowers’ website is a remarkable resource for teaching yourself and your students how meaning and spelling relate. Develop routines, and strategies to use “the principles of scientific inquiry as the basis of word level literacy instruction.” The following are the standard four questions used to guide SWI investigations. Investigate with these 4 questions… What …

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Specific Word Instruction demonstrated by Dr. Anita Archer

Vocabulary is taught incidentally, intentionally and through the development of word consciousness.  Here is an example of intentional teaching from Dr. Anita Archer.  She has  focused the vocabulary for the reading selection to a few key concept words and demonstrates explicit teaching for vocabulary comprehension and use. 3. Vocabulary Instruction – Sixth Grade Language Arts …

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Stages of Spelling Development |

Source: Stages of Spelling Development |

Stages of Spelling Development

A handout from the Reading Recovery Conference, 2014.

Cavanaugh Language Games Chart.pdf

Vocabulary should be taught incidentally and intentionally!  Here are fun word games to teach your students. Word Games to Target the Five Language Components (Cavanaugh)  This post was contributed by Christie L. Cavanaugh, Ph.D., and published at Vocabulogic: Source: Cavanaugh_Language Games Chart.pdf 

Content Vocabulary Activity in Fisher and Frey Article

is a short link to this article, which contains a video demonstration of a 9th grade earth science teacher using a word-sorting activity to support student interactions with content as they build vocabulary. Educational Leadership (ASCD) March 2015 | Volume 72 | Number 6 Culturally Diverse Classrooms Pages 77-78 Show & Tell: A Video Column / Meaningful Vocabulary Learning …

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